IAILABS proudly named as a Sample Vendor in the GARTNER HYPE CYCLE for SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTION TECHNOLOGIES, 2020 for Warehouse Resource Planning and Scheduling and Warehouse Simulation and Modeling.



Warehouse Planning Toolkit

Technology has transformed the business landscape creating new challenges in warehouse planning. The Internet has established global connections and has accelerated e-commerce, forcing the digital transformation of business transactions. Businesses at all levels are continuing to migrate online, albeit at a very different rates.

Warehouse Planning Toolkit helps customer optimize productivity and improve process efficiency inside a warehouse using AI techniques and data-driven technology. It creates opportunities for trends to mature from traditional execution (automation only), to integrated predictive operating models that can provide insights to shape and influence decision making across warehouse planning and optimization.

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The Movement of Goods in the Future

Because internet ordering is at the consumers fingertips, transportation and logistics providers must cope with consumer's high expectations and demand for ASAP delivery. Consumers don't understand or really care about the brilliant orchestration that’s needed behind package delivery windows that have slimmed down from days to hours and now minutes. The customer-centricity trend requires a reexamination of future of the movements of goods. IAILabs, as the technologist in the transportation industry, is building the digital transformation of the global movement-of-goods network. We envision the future characteristics of transportation improved through augmented analytics that leverage large scales of data, aestablish by connecting with partners and collaboration across the network.

Last Mile Logistics

IAILabs Last Mile Logistics is embedded with AI techniques that harness and harmonize traditional and new data, continuously learning customer's expectations and predicting risk management. The networking community is converging. It helps a codependent but highly fragmented global network of transportation, logistic provider, e-commerce, and retailers to evolve into a more integrated, intelligent, and automated end-to-end networking. Last-mile logistics is delivering more goods more quickly to more places, with absolute transparency and efficiency than today.

Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

The volume of parcel deliveries and total vehicle miles traveled today will likely be a shadow of future demand. This has driven us to optimize how best to coordinate carriers and shippers, delivery locations, time, and capacity management under one trucking ecosystem.

Vehicle Routing and Scheduling connects, carriers and shippers end-to-end transparently. Carriers and shippers participating in this platform are collaborating to achieve mutual benefits. It is a platform that matches shippers to carriers offering the lowest cost and fastest routes to earn a significant competitive advantage with mutual benefits for both parties.