Our Digital Team

  • The large-scale system, R&D

    Our team has experience building large-scale systems such as image and audio recommendation systems with hundreds of millions of user's.

  • AI/ML/DL Expert

    Founding team members, formerly of ImageNet, have demonstrated their thought leadership with published papers in top conferences and journals in the field of AI, ML, DL, Network, and System.

  • Advanced Algorithms & Math

    Our team have various professional trainings in algorithm designs, with one of our lead consultants has proudly won National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) Gold Medal Prize.

  • Product Veteran

    Our product veterans have tremendous past experiences at IBM, eBay, Ctrip, and Alibaba. They have actively participated in products and user experience design in various industrial & customer products.

  • Domain Experts

    Our domain experts have extensive experience in logistics solution projects and are extremely familiar with the logistic operation and planning scenarios of productions, FMCG, cold chain logistics, e-commerce and express delivery.

What We Believe

Data-driven technology to a revolutionize business industry

Data is a new remedy for futuristic-oriented businesses to discover the full potential of an organization, allowing all business units to make data-driven business decisions, and deliver personalized digital experiences to customers and stakeholders. Over the past decade, the volume of data available to help improve decision making has exploded. Companies are now able to make much better and faster decisions by properly applying advnaced technologies that can sift thorugh more data than any human could process in a life time. However, technology alone is not enough knowledge and expertise of both the technologies and the business problems the solutions are being applied to are critical to success.


The Anatomy to Unlock Smart Digital Transformation

We are committed to being your smart business digitalization partner by offering professional consultation that takes advantage of our deep to help companies reimagine business processes.

Our elite technical specialists design solutions that exploit AI and data-driven technologies that will reshape your business.


While AI is powerful, it is a long way from being self aware. People on the front lines need to know how to work with AI applications to maximize their value and to adapt to chaging business conditions. Consequently, digital transformation is driving the need to increase learning and reskilling.Leaders in corporations have to learn continuously, understanding the challenge, and successfully lead them. Learning never ends if companies are aiming to stay on top of the changes.


Open Innovation

Open Innovation is an approach we use to accelerate innovation. The key impetus for open Innovation is that no enterprise possesses all the resources and knowledge that may drive transformation. Only through Internal and external collaboration in research, and knowledge sharing will companies and the supply chain industry as a whole achieve successful change.