Welcoming the Digital Wave

Technology is transforming the world we live in. All industries are undergoing a radical change to reinvent themselves to remain competitive and adapt to the rapidly changing market. IAILabs is striving to stay on the top of the digital wave, inventing unique AI technology. Using our expertise in data literacy, we are here to help you optimize a business process and the best possible decision under any circumstances. Over years of experience and knowledge in the area of data-driven analytics and extensive business process digitalization, we have developed professional technology consultation and successful solution landing.

A successful digital transformation starts with a clear understanding of strategy, current and future business operating models and risk management. We practice close collaboration with the customers to upskill a deep understanding of risks, opportunities driven by new emerging technologies and think out of the box to improve business performance. We adopt agile incremental digital changes to generate multiple small wins to achieve full-scale digital transformation. The significant outcome of this approach is the solution products turn out to be scalable.

Our technologists' team is comprised of veteran data analyst, warehouse and logistic industry domain expert, digital guru, master of algorithm and math, and more! Our technologists work side by side with customers throughout the stages of transformation, process, and technologies involved to implement the digitalized solution. During a journey to achieve an agreed-upon strategy to reposition the business, both technologists and customers need steering, mid-course corrections, clearly defined primary and secondary targets.

Cultural and behavioral changes such as calculated risk-taking, intensive collaboration, and customer-centricity are the empowerment of digital transformation. We develop the technology innovation for the customers to foster the new capabilities to respond and integrate the new digital methods and processes into daily business performance. Modifying standard of operating procedures to data-driven decision making and use of the interactive digital solution in day-to-day practice, double the likelihood of transformation success. We are committed to no direct, visible customer impact during digital transformation within a business. E-learning and premier IT support are offers to the customers right after implementation. We are always around to do better than your expectations.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Closed-loop Operational Performance Management

Our discipline in digital transformation strategy is taking action based on results of performance monitoring and implementing new modified results with updated plans and goals to upscale business value and impact. Through a combination of management processes, a metrics framework and applications that support real-time access to operational and strategic data, coupled with collaboration and AI technologies, we enable customers to define, agree and monitor actions based on feedback.

Digital twins are "virtual representations of things, people, places, or processes." In warehousing, a digital twin virtually replicates entities that support fulfillment processes. A convincing digital twin use case is creating a "digital" blueprint such as through a bill of material, computer-aided design (CAD) diagram, or 3D rendition. We have achieved it, and we are proud of the CAD generated by our product - an automatic layout system (WDA). Followed by a 3D rendition of the warehouse design layout to enhance virtual representations, WDA is one of the applications we use to support digital transformation.

A warehouse simulator is a tool to diagnose and analyze warehouse processes in a virtual setting. Storage, docks, MHE, direct labor, and moving path are introduced and adjusted in the simulator. Observe how a virtual warehouse running through its regular operations, then compare it with the AI data-driven performance analytics report. Demand-driven planning and optimization of warehouse layout and operation are derived from the simulation model. Simulation modeling plays a vital role in our transformation strategy as it's feeding semantic data to performance monitoring.